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WEEK 4 PROMO : Single Treatments

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Areas You can choose : Lip/Chin, UnderArm, Sideburns, NeckĀ 

once purchased we will contact you for the area of your choice . No limits - purchase as many as you want to keep on fileĀ 

Option 2 :Ā Ā 21% OFF MicroPeel Laser Resurfacing Regular $455 now $359+ taxĀ 

What it does:

ā€¢ Addresses Textural Skin Concern

ā€¢ Builds collagen to help tighten the skin

ā€¢ Evens skin toneĀ 

What to expect:

1. If you are new to the treatment, please come a few minutes prior to your scheduled time to allow for consent forms

2. Ww cleanse and apply a topical numbing agent to the skin to make the treatment more enjoyable.

3. after about 30 minutes of numbing, it will be cleansed from the skin prior to the treatment Ā 

4. During the treatment, you can expect a warm sensation.

5. After the treatment, heat usually beings to build and it may look and feel like a mild sunburn which should subside in 24-48 hoursĀ 

6. You can expect your skin to feel dry and flaky for a few days post treatment that will slough off naturally or you can use a light exfoliant approximately 1 week post treatmentĀ 

***For best results, we recommend Ā a hydrafacial 2 weeks post treatment . For optimal results a series of three treatments are recommended spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Ā **